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As of August 1, 2020, Executive Management Associates, Inc. (EMA) is no longer actively doing business. For historical reasons, this site will remain in place as long as we hold the "execman.com" domain.

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Strategic Planning Experience

U.S. Department of Transportation
Office of the Secretary (OST), Office of the Chief Information Officer

EMA currently provides a broad range of financial and strategic planning support to DOT Working Capital Fund programs under the DOT Office of the CIO (OCIO). EMA is responsible for formulating the budget for this $120M organization. This includes working with senior OCIO and other DOT executives to ensure that adequate funding will be available to support current and future initiatives in the current and future budget years. As part of this support, EMA currently performs or has accomplished the following:

  • EMA works with program staff to identify and articulate new requirements for the current and out-years of each budget cycle. During workshops designed by EMA to facilitate this process, we help program managers clarify their requirements and develop the financial plans to support them.
  • EMA coordinates the development of the budget formulation process, taking into account the new requirements and new initiatives within each program office. This often requires identifying ways to save costs in one area so that new initiatives can be supported elsewhere. EMA develops and maintains a comprehensive fixed asset inventory for significant purchases to spread costs out over multiple years. EMA performs "lease-buy" analyses to determine the most cost effective purchasing plan for major product purchases.
  • EMA staff meet regularly with business management officials within the CIO's office to review progress against current strategic plans and make adjustments where necessary.
  • EMA develops reports and presentations to support new initiatives and strategic plans. For example, EMA presentations, schedules and supporting documentation were instrumental in the award of an additional $40M in funding to support strategic security initiatives for the DOT through the WCF.

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